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In regular "Sunbursts", ISES President, Dr. David Renné, highlights key recent ISES activities through his own personal experiences and opinions. Blog articles include impressions from international conferences as well as observations of current projects and movements for the work towards a 100% renewable energy future.

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30. November 2017

Presidents column: Highlights from COP23 in Bonn

Shortly after ISES closed out its successful Solar World Congress, held jointly with the International Energy Agency Solar Heating and Cooling Programme’s 2017 Conference, several of us trekked from...

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28. September 2017

Presidents column: ISES participates in two key partner meetings in September

Over the past few years ISES has established a number of key strategic partnerships with global organizations that support the rapid development and deployment of renewable energy technologies around...

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08. September 2017

In pursuit of the Great American Eclipse

Early on August 20 I loaded up my car with camping supplies, and my colleague Roger Taylor, with whom I worked for many years at the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and I headed north to...

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26. July 2017

Presidents column: Growing support for massive renewable energy development at global conferences

In my recent Sunburst column I alluded to a number of conferences I have attended recently that show growing support and technical feasibility for massive global renewable energy development. However...

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29. June 2017

Despite recent U.S. action, national and global commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement are stronger than ever

Over the past several weeks I have had the good fortune to participate in a few key events in Europe and Mexico. Along with Joanna Costello and Liane Aziz of ISES HQ I attended Intersolar Europe in...

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26. May 2017

Presidents column: Over 350 gather to learn about renewable city developments

It was late evening when we pulled into the Pacific Central railway station in Vancouver, British Columbia. Paulette and I were attending the Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum 2017, organized by...

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28. April 2017

A new urgency for Earth Day

Last Saturday, 22 April, was the 47th Annual Earth Day, celebrated in 192 countries around the world. This year the event took on a new important movement…the March for Science , which was observed...

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30. March 2017

President's Column - Newsletter feeds show strong global support of renewable energy despite policy shifts in U.S.

As I am sure is the case with most of our members, my e-mail in box is flooded daily with newsletters, conference offerings, blogs, and announcements of recent publications, all coming from...

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10. August 2015

Obama’s Clean Power Plan: A big step towards global 100% renewables

On 3 August U.S. President Barack Obama announced the Clean Power Plan for reducing carbon emissions from the U.S. power sector by 32% by the year 2030. This much-anticipated announcement has been...

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04. January 2016

Ringing in a new era for solar energy

I would like to wish all ISES members and partners a very happy and prosperous 2016. As we ring in the New Year it is appropriate to reflect back on some of the major events that made 2015 a truly a...

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16. October 2016

SAIREC highlights solar energy market opportunities in Africa

The South Africa International Renewable Energy Conference was held in Cape Town on 4-7 October.  This was the sixth of a series of “IRECs” held every couple of years in different locations around...

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19. December 2016

Shifting global market and political landscape presents new challenges to

As we enter into this holiday season, it is important to reflect back on the key market and political trends of 2016, and also to look forward to what might be in store for the renewable energy...

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