InCoRE - Education Initiative

International Cooperation in Higher Education on Renewable Energy


ISES is proud to have brought into life this initiative to enhance global cooperation in higher education on renewable energy. The cooperation program seeks to strengthen global ties in the field of renewable energy research, promote international exchange and help provide students worldwide with up-to-date information about the scientific state of the art in their field of research. ISES, through its extensive member network of international experts, and with the support of the scientific expertise presented in the Society's two academic journals, is the ideal organiser for this initiative.

What is InCoRE?

This initiative is an approach to connect students writing their theses with professors/teachers around the world. We strongly believe that students can benefit from additional international support for their thesis and international advisors can enhance their knowledge on research carried out in a different world region. Sometimes the subject of the thesis is about foreign technology, policy or economy, sometimes there may be additional useful expertise abroad, and sometimes just another view may be desired.

How does it work?

InCoRE works by matching up students and advisors from different world regions to support creating international connections for thesis projects. The matching process is done based on information the participants provide in specific student and advisor questionnaires which you can find below. Please note that we only proceed with the matching process if the student’s main supervisor at their home university approves of the student's participation. There are no formal requirements for an InCoRE match – it can be arranged individually according to the students needs and the advisors capacities. The global availability of web-conferences offers great opportunities for an InCoRE match, connecting researchers around the world.


If you are interested in participating as an Advisor, please read more here.

If you are interested in participating as a Student, please read more here.


In case you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

InCoRE Introduction by ISES President Prof. Klaus Vajen