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ISES events are a great means to connect and network with other members, learn about the latest in solar energy research and development, industry trends and policies. ISES and its network of Sections around the world, organise events at various levels.

In the calendar, blue represents ISES and ISES supported events and orange represents ISES webinars. All events and webinars are listed in the "Events" and "Webinar" sections of this website.

Intersolar Europe

SolarPower Summit 2021: Driving Sustainable Change

Introducing the IEA PVPS Task 16 Best Practices Handbook for Solar Resource Data, Version 3

Edmond Becquerel Symposium

PV Recycling and End-of-life Processing

2020 Asia Pacific Solar Research Conference

IEA SHC Solar Academy: Webinar on Task 61 - Integrated Solutions for Daylighting and Electric Lighting (2)

IEA SHC Solar Academy: Webinar on Task 61 - Integrated Solutions for Daylighting and Electric Lighting (1)

Updates on solar forecasting and other solar resource work of IEA PVPS Task 16

ISES Solar World Congress 2021

RENAlliance Webinar - Renewables working together: Building Back Better through a Green Recovery

World Renewable Energy Congress WREC 2020

The Global Status of Renewables - REN21's 2020 Report

Virtual XIV TTMD International HVAC+R Technologies Symposium

ISES + GSC Webinar: Floating Solar Photovoltaics

IEA SHC Solar Academy: Solar Heating and Cooling Markets and Industry Trends

Powering Renewables: Women in Solar Energy III

IEA SHC Solar Academy: Solar heat and electricity: PVT solutions for buildings and industry

ISES Infographics - Solar Thermal Heat for Industry Processes

Renewables in Cities & Lessons learned from scaling up solar PV

8th World Sustainability Forum

SolarPower Summit 2020

SNEC 2020 - 14th International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference

IEA SHC Solar Academy: Renovating Historic Buildings towards Zero Energy - Task 59

SWC50 - The Century of Solar

IEA SHC Solar Academy: Material and Component Development for Thermal Energy Storage - Task 58

KIREC Seoul 2019 - The 8th International Renewable Energy Conference

VIII Brazilian Solar Energy Congress

IEA SHC Solar Academy: Building Integrated Solar Envelope Systems for HVAC and Lighting - Task 56

IEA SHC Solar Academy: Solar Heating and Cooling Market and Industry Trends 2018

The Global Status of Renewables - REN21's 2019 Global Status Report

3rd International Conference on Solar Technologies & Hybrid Mini Grids

Global Energy Systems based on 100% Renewable Energy

Introducing the Global Solar Council: Enabling Solar to deliver clean power and energy access

IEA SHC Solar Academy: Large Scale SHC Systems Integration into District Heating and Cooling Networks

Powering Renewables: Women in Solar Energy II

International Renewable Energy Storage Conference - IRES 2019

Solar World Congress 2019

Dispelling the Myths: Renewables in the Grid

17th World Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition

Measuring Albedo

Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference

European Solar Prize 2018

Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference

SPF - 4th Symposium on Solar Energy and Heat Pumps

11th Days of Passive House Conference

Solar Standards and Certification - IEA SHC Solar Academy Task 57

Powering Renewables: Women in Solar Energy

Members only: Battery Storage in Off-Grid and On-Grid Power Systems

Geothermal Underground Storage for Solar Applications

Solar Air Conditioning and Cooling - IEA SHC Solar Academy Task 53

International conference on Solar Technologies and Hybrid Mini Grids to Improve Energy Access

The global status of renewables - REN21's 2018 global status report

2nd World Community Power Conference WCPC2018

2018 China Renewable Energy Academic Conference

Solar Heating and Cooling Market and Industry Trends 2017

An International Collaboration to Advance the Use of Solar Resource Information

ICEM 2018: Renewable Energy and the Environment

XVI Congreso Ibérico y XII Congreso Iberoamericano de Energía Solar

SOLARTR 2018 International Conference and Exhibition

The Local Dimension of the NDCs - 100% Renewable Energy: Comments and Discussion

Intersolar and ees North America

ETIP PV Conference 2018: Quality and Sustainability of PV Systems

Brazilian Solar Energy Congress (BSEC)

International use of the NREL System Advisor Model (SAM) with case studies

IEA SHC Solar Academy: Price Reduction of Solar Thermal Systems

Local Renewables Conference 2018

EuroSun 2018, Rapperswil (Switzerland)

Eighth Session of the IRENA Assembly

World Future Energy Summit

ERE3.2 - Spatiotemporal modelling of distributed renewable energy systems

5th International Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference (IRSEC’17) - IEEE Conference

Concentrating Solar Thermal Power with Built-in Storage

5th Southern African Solar Energy Conference (SASEC 2018)

Renewables Working Together: Staying below 1.5°C with Renewable Energy COP23 side event

The Local Dimension of the NDCs: 100% Renewable Energy

Solar Academy: Energy Economy and Solar Heat – Perspectives and best practice

Renewable Transformation Challenge - The Energiewende 3.0 - Smart P2P Solar Grids

11th International Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Summit, CSP Seville


4th International Conference on Solar Energy (ICESE-2017)

Desalination with Solar Energy

Kingdom Renewable Energy Summit 2017

The Local Dimension of the NDCs: 100% Renewable Energy

UN Climate Change Conference COP23

Global Renewable Energy Solutions (GRESS)

5th Microgrid Global Innovation Forum

12th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference IRES 2018

Intersolar Middle East

Intersolar Europe

Grand Renewable Energy 2018 - International Conference and Exhibition

Members only: Q&A with ISES Board Members - Solar technologies

International Student Energy Summit 2017

Solar cooker performance evaluation

Solar Resource Data Applications to Support Industry

Global Status of Renewable Energy 2017

46th Sessions of the UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies - Side event with REN Alliance

Launch Event of the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform

RES4MED Annual Conference 2017

SNEC 11th (2017) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition

IEA SHC Solar Academy: Solar Energy in Urban Planning

IEA SHC Solar Academy: Solar heating for industrial processes

Intersolar North America

Intersolar Europe

World Wind Energy Conference, WWEC2017

World Small Wind Conference 2017

4th International Conference Energy & Meteorology (ICEM)

Desert PV Modules

Solar Resource Forecasting

What does the COP21 agreement mean for renewable energies?

Opportunities and Challenges for Renewable Energy in the Asia-Pacific Region

Solar Resource Nowcasting

Solar Resource Assessment with the IRENA Global Atlas for Renewable Energy

Solar Heating in Europe - Challenges and Opportunities

The Global Status of Renewable Energy

100% Renewable Energy for Islands

175 GW of Renewable Power, Including Addition of 100 GW Solar in India by the Year 2022- Challenges and Present Status

Renewable district heating – Small local grids and cooperative utilities

Renewable energy in developing countries - Focus on Tanzania and Morocco

PV Market Development

ISES Solar World Congress 2017 with IEA SHC Solar Heating and Cooling conference 2017

12th International Symposium on Renewable Energy Education ISREE 2017

Renewable Cities' Global Learning Forum 2017

Sustainable Energy for All Forum

ARE Energy Access Investment Forum

32nd Symposium Photovoltaic Solar Energy

SolarPower Summit

Solar Professionals for the New Energy Era: Activating engineering and business careers with online education

Renewable Energy Disruption in the Australian Electricity Industry

IEA SHC Solar Academy: Advanced Lighting Solutions for Retrofitting Buildings

Solar Resource Data Applications for Utility Planning and Operations

Renewable district heating and local heat planning

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