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Advancing renewable energy technology, acceptance, implementation and education requires dedication. Fortunately, this Herculean labour need not be undertaken alone. A global community of like-minded individuals and organisations are ready to support your work through communication and the exchange of ideas and to welcome you to the global organisation working to advance the rapid transition to a 100% renewable energy future.

Professionals and students

Professionals and students can register as ISES Individual Members. Categories include Gold (lifetime), Silver (5 years) and standard professional (1-4 years).

Companies and institutions

Companies and institutions can register as ISES Corporate Members. Categories include Company (over 20 staff), Small Company (less than 20 staff) and Institution (Universities, NGO's). Silver memberships, that are valid for 5 years are also available.

The International Solar Energy Society, ISES, a non-profit UN-accredited membership NGO founded in 1954, has a long history of being the trusted global advisor on renewable energy and this remains its core value. ISES works to achieve 100% renewable energy for all, used efficiently and wisely. ISES is the largest international solar energy society, with extensive membership worldwide.  The Society has members in more than 110 countries, and Global Partners in over 50 countries with thousands of associate members, and almost 100 company and institutional members throughout the world.  Young ISES, a network of students and young professional ISES members, is now connecting young solar professionals worldwide.

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