Be part of the ISES Board of Directors

The International Solar Energy Society (ISES) welcomed nominations for the Board of Directors for the term July 2024 through to June 2026. All ISES Members were eligible for Board membership.

“A society like ISES depends on the activities of its members. If you are interested in accelerating the future of solar energy we warmly welcome your nomination” , current ISES President Prof. Klaus Vajen.

The ISES Board of Directors governs the Society and strengthens the role ISES plays in the renewable energy transformation through its events, publications and other outreach activities.

Self-nominations were welcomed and encouraged.

We welcome candidates with a shared vision for a 100% renewable energy world for all used wisely and efficiently.

The deadline for board nominations has now passed and the candidate statements are currently with the nominating committee for review and approval. ISES Members will receive a ballot to cast their votes and elect the new Board in the coming weeks. 

ISES Bylaws

The ISES bylaws, is a set of rules established by ISES so as to regulate itself. ISES operates elections, membership, activities and meetings according to the ISES Bylaws. Before applying for a position on the ISES Board, please have a look over the ISES Bylaws to make sure you are in agreement with the structure and terms of the Society. Find the ISES Bylaws, edited in May 2023 here.

The timeline the ISES Board of Directors 2024 election process is outlined in Annex 1 of the ISES Bylaws. Please view the timeline here.

ISES Board of Directors composition

The Board of Directors of the Society shall have the following structure, with a maximum of 19 members total.

  • 7 ExCo Members – Includes the Officers -President, Immediate Past President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer- plus 2 appointed positions from the 13 board members elected by the full membership below.
  • 13 Members elected by the full membership of the Society, with the following groups represented:
    • Young ISES
    • Corporate Members
    • Members at Large
      • There will be at least one Board member from each of the 4 countries with the highest number of ISES members on record with Headquarters before the election process starts (USA, India, Germany and Australia).
      • There can be no more than 2 representatives per country from the 13 board members elected by the membership, with the exception of the YI representative.
  • 1 member proposed by the ExCo and approved by the newly elected Board. The proposed member is not included in the count of representatives per country.

The role of ISES Board of Directors

ISES is governed by the Board of Directors. The ISES Board of Directors provides leadership and guidance for the Society. The Board of Directors constantly evaluates the role the Society is playing in the renewable energy transformation and how best to create pathways towards a 100% renewable energy future.


The ISES Board of Directors are expected to attend all formal and informal ISES meetings. These include:

  • A Board meeting at the ISES EuroSun 2024 conference on 20th August 2024. Board Members are expected to pay for their own travel and accommodation for this meeting. 
  • A Board meeting at the ISES Solar World Congress 2025 in Brazil. Exact date and location to be communicated in the next months. Board Members are expected to pay for their own travel and accommodation for this meeting. 
  • ISES online (zoom) Board meetings. These may be monthly, or every second month. 
  • Committee meetings for committees the Board Member volunteers on.


  • Board members are given priority on key roles at ISES conferences (EuroSun and SWC), such as Theme Chairs, Speakers, Moderators and part of the organizing committee. 
  • Board members may represent ISES at international events, such as the UNFCC COP, the Intersolar exhibitions, partner events and at other high level meetings. For these representations, travel costs and accommodation costs will be reimbursed up to a limit.
  • Board members may bring in their own ideas as to how to meet the Society aim and may avail of the support from fellow Board members and the staff at the ISES headquarters to realize such new projects or visions.
  • Board members may apply for Executive Committee positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary).

The ISES Board of Directors will be featured on the ISES website with photo, e-mail address and short description. Many choose to include their membership to the ISES Board of Directors in their e-mail signatures and Résumés. News / interviews from members of the Board will also be featured in the ISES newsletters.

What are the duties of the ISES Board of Directors?

Board members are responsible for contributing to the Society in these main areas:

Policy formation

  • Creating vision and values
  • Developing corporate climate and culture
  • Monitoring the external political, economic, social, technological, physical and trade environment

Strategic planning

  • Positioning in the changing markets
  • Setting corporate direction
  • Reviewing and deciding key resources
  • Deciding implementation process

Society operations

  • Overseeing management performance
  • Monitoring budgetary control
  • Reviewing key business results


  • Being accountable to full ISES Board of Directors, membership, partners, and other stakeholders
  • Ensuring sound audits of finances and other key performance measures

Specific Activities

Board members contribute in these specific activities:

  • Support ISES strategic plan to ensure Society’s sustainable development
  • Participate at ISES Board of Directors Meetings
  • Participate in monthly Board of Directors conference calls
  • Acquire Company and Institution Members to increase outreach and funding for ISES
  • Participate in discussions and vote on electronic ballots on Board of Directors decisions
  • Participate in communications on specific topics through the e-mail distribution list

Board members also are encouraged to:

  • Lead key strategic Society tasks and participate in working or task groups
  • Chair or co-chair a Division
  • Participate in ISES international initiatives or projects

Legal responsibility

The headquarters of the International Solar Energy Society, ISES. is in Freiburg, Germany. ISES, is an "Eingetragener Verein" or e.V. for short. This means it is a not-for-profit organization. The President, as well as the Treasurer of the ISES e.V. are the legal representatives of the organization. 

Once elected, the President and Treasurer will be asked to sign a legal document accepting this responsibility. In the past, there have never been any legal or financial repercussions for the ISES President or Treasurer, but ultimately, they are legally responsible for the financial health and legal running of the ISES e.V. The candidates should be aware of this fact before agreeing to run for President or Treasurer.

View the Charter for the International Solar Energy Society e.V in English here: ISES e.V. Charter

View the Charter "Satzung" for the International Solar Energy Society e.V in German (original) here: ISES e.V. Satzung


Who is the contact person for the ISES Board of Directors?

The ISES Headquarters, consisting of 5 staff members (2 full-time) are at hand to support the ISES Board of Directors and to execute the approved work plan and budget. The ISES Headquarters staff will coordinate all meetings for the Board of Directors and take care of administrative and organizational tasks for the Society.

If you require further information about the ISES Board of Directors election process, please send an e-mail to the ISES Headquarters at hq [at]

Statements from past ISES Board of Directors

"Being the Young ISES representative on the Board of Directions has been exciting and very rewarding. I have been able to speak at high level UN events, travel internationally to represent the society, and help guide the future agenda of ISES to best represent the coming generation of solar experts. I would highly recommend another enthusiastic person early in their solar energy career to run in the upcoming elections." - Steven Meyers ISES Board Member

"I've served on the ISES board for several periods. It's a very rewarding experience of sharing work and goals with great likeminded persons. Also it's been a vital calling card to help promote renewable energy in general, and Solar in particular here in Chile. A wonderful experience that helps us march towards a 100% RE future." Prof. Roberto Román Latorre, ISES Board Member

"As a member of the ISES Board of Directors, I actively promote research and education in the field of solar energy. This in turn helps accelerate the achievement of ISES’s goal of a global implementation of renewable energy, as young engineers develop the technologies for the efficient conversion and cost-effective utilization of solar energy.” Prof Aldo Steinfeld, ISES Board Member