IEA SHC Task 62 - Solar Energy in Industrial Water & Wastewater Management (2)
Thursday, 25. March 2021
6:00 to 8:00 AM (AM GMT/UTC)
The webinar duration is 2:00 hours.

IEA SHC Task 62 - Solar Energy in Industrial Water & Wastewater Management (2)

This webinar in the IEA SHC Solar Academy webinar series will introduce the work of IEA SHC Task 62 - Solar Energy in Industrial Water & Wastewater Management

About this webinar:

Please note that this webinar will comprise of two elements - we will jointly watch the broadcast of the webinar presentations as they were held in the original webinar on March 23 at 2 PM GMT/UTC. After this, we will head into a live Q/A session moderated by Bärbel Epp to answer your questions!

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Task overview:   

Solar Heat for Industrial Processes has a huge potential with is still untapped. An important field of application of solar energy could be identified in the field of water treatment technologies. About 20% of the water utilization in the world is devoted to industrial use and is, therefore, an essential economic good. On the other hand, fresh water is a scarce resource in many regions today while the disposal of waste streams comes along with destructive environmental impact.

Theoretically, a 100 % solar ratio could be envisioned in solar heat supply for water treatment technologies, as it is common to work with large volumes and buffer storages in this sector allowing to some extent production capacity variation along with solar availability.


It is thus important to find the most suitable and accurate information on the technical and economical possibilities for effectively applying solar thermal energy and solar radiation to disinfect, decontaminate and separate industrial process water and wastewater. Water shortages in specific regions worldwide as well the need for CO2 reduction and primary energy savings underline the importance of this research area and specific technological development will be required to develop techno-economic solutions.


The webinar will welcome the following presentations:

  • Christoph Brunner - Nexus Solar Energy-Water-Industry
  • Isabel Oller - Towards industrial water footprint reduction via solar decontamination and disinfection advanced processes
  • Sacha Sineux - Solar powered water reuse and resource recovery – focus: mining industry

The webinar will be moderated by Bärbel Epp of solrico - solar market research & international communication.

The webinar is organised by the Solar Academy of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Program and hosted by ISES, the International Solar Energy Society.

Webinar presentations


Christoph Brunner

Christoph Brunner is CEO of AEE INTEC in Austria. He studied process engineering at the Graz University of Technology and initially worked as a manger of a laboratory for physical and chemical tests in a tannery. After 10 years as department manager at Joanneum Research he built up the department “Industrial Processes and Energy Systems – IPE” at AEE INTEC in 2010.The main topics of his work are energy and resource efficiency, the integration of renewable energy for industry like solar process heat and membrane distillation for wastewater purification and process water upgrading.

Presentation title: Nexus Solar Energy-Water-Industry

Isabel Oller

Isabel Oller holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Almeria (2008). She is Head of the Solar Treatment of Water Unit at the Plataforma Solar de Almeria (CIEMAT). She has more than 15 years of experience in the field of industrial and urban wastewater treatment, disinfection and reuse by using advanced oxidation processes (with and without solar energy) and their combination with physic-chemical pre-treatment systems, advanced biological treatments, membrane systems and other conventional technologies.

Presentation title: Towards industrial water footprint reduction via solar decontamination and disinfection advanced processes

Sacha Sineux

Sacha Sineux joined newHeat in 2019 as a modelling and R&D engineer and holds a masters degree in Energy Systems and Markets.

Presentation title: Solar heat and recovered heat for industrial processes and district heating

Bärbel Epp - Moderator

Bärbel Epp is the founder and managing director of the German consultancy solrico – solar market research & international communication. She is responsible for the international newsletter on the web portal, reporting exclusively about market and technology trends in the solar heating and cooling sector. solrico also published the first World Map of SHIP suppliers (SHIP = Solar Heat for Industrial Processes) see and carries out surveys among the around 80 companies listed on the world map. Since three years Bärbel Epp is also author of the SHC chapter of the Annual Global Status Report on Renewables published by REN21.