ISES Austria

Contact person: Wolfgang Streicher
E-mail: wolfgang.streicher(at)

ISES Bulgaria

Contact person: Anna Dobrinova Penkina
E-mail: adobrinova(at)

ISES Croatia

Contact person: Ljubomir Miscevic and Bernard Frankovic
E-mail: sunarh(at) and bernard.frankovic(at)

ISES Cyprus

Contact person: Prof. Despina Serghides
E-mail: d.k.serghides(at)

Czechoslovak Solar Energy Society (CSSE)

CSSE includes the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Contact Person: Tomas Matuska

E-mail : info(at)

Danish Solar Energy Society (DKSES)

The DKSES includes Finland and Denmark
Contact Person: Torben V. Esbensen

E-mail : torben(at)

ISES France

Contact person: Philippe Papillon
E-mail: philippe [dot] papillon [at] cea [dot] fr

Deutsch Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie e.V. (DGS) - Germany

Contact person: Bernhard Weyres-Borchert
E-mail: weyres-borchert(at)

Hungarian Solar Energy Society

Contact person: Prof. István Farkas
E-mail: farkas.istvan(at)

ISES Italia - Italy

Contact person: Roberto Vigotti
E-mail: roberto.vigotti(at)

Polish Solar Energy Society (PTES-ISES)

Contact person: Prof. Dorota Chwieduk
E-mail: dchwied(at)

Norwegian Solar Energy Society (NSES)

Contact person: Ragnhild Bjelland-Hanley
E-mail: post(at), rbh(at)

Romanian Solar Energy Society (SRES)

Contact person: Laurentiu Fara
E-mail: laurf(at)

Asociación Española de Energía Solar - Spain

Manuel Romero (President AEDES)
IMDEA Energy, Spain: manuel.romero(at)

Xavier Vallvé (Vice-President AEDES)

Trama TecnoAmbiental (TTA), Spain: xavier.vallve(at)

Andreu Moià (Director Spanish Section of ISES)

Universitat de les Illes Balears, Spain: andreu.moia(at)

Svensk solenergi (SSE)

Contact person: Jan-Olof Dalenbäck
E-mail: jan-olof(at)

Swissolar - Switzerland

Contact person: David Stickelberger
E-mail: stickelberger(at)


Contact persons: Kutay Kaleli and Faruk Telemcioğlu
Email: president(at) or info(at)

The UK Solar Energy Society (UK-ISES)

E-mail: info(at)

ISES Board Members

Dr. Maria Wall

ISES Member at Large Representative
maria.wall [at]

Dr. Andreas Häberle

ISES Corporate Members
andreas.haeberle [at]

Dr. Kemal Gani Bayraktar

ISES Member at Large Representative
Bayraktar [at]

Ms Christine Lins

ISES Member at Large Representative
christine.lins [at]

Prof. Aldo Steinfeld

ISES Member at Large Representative
aldo.steinfeld [at]

Prof. Eicke Weber

ISES Vice President
weber [at]