Author:  Karl W. Böer
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The Fifty-Year History of the International Solar Energy Society and its National Sections

This two-volume documentary book explores the historical development of the Society and its many national sections to review the progress of solar energy development over the last 50 years. Moreover this book pays recognition to those visionaries who realized that solar energy, the most important source of life on earth, needed to be elevated as a dominant source of energy in all of our forms of future life. These solar pioneers put the wheels in motion fifty years ago that resulted in the creation of ISES, and the growth of a worldwide solar energy community. The book includes chapters on the ISES national sections with contributions from authors in 35 countries around the world. Dr. Böer organised the identification, compilation and editing of the various chapters, working with various colleagues from around the world, ASES and ISES to prepare and edit the final version.