Renewable Transformation Challenge - The Energiewende 3.0 - Smart P2P Solar Grids
Wednesday, 25. October 2017
12:00 to 1:00 PM (GMT/UTC)
The webinar duration is 1:00 hour.

Renewable Transformation Challenge - The Energiewende 3.0 - Smart P2P Solar Grids

Proposed agenda:

12:00 - Welcome and introduction 
12:05 - RTC100 introduction and introducing the speakers
12:15 - First speaker - Jury Member of RTC 100
12:25 - Second speaker - Winner of RTC100
12:45 - Q&A 
12:58 - Closing

Webinar presentations

Webinar presentation by Dr. Sebastian Groh


David Hopwood

Dr. Sebastian Groh

Sebastian is a 2013 Stanford Ignite Fellow from Stanford Graduate School of Business and holds a PhD from Aalborg University (Denmark) where he wrote his thesis on the role of energy in development processes, energy poverty and technical innovations. He published a book and multiple peer reviewed journal articles on the topic of decentralized electrification in the Global South.
Since 2014, Sebastian has been working in Bangladesh as the CEO and co-founder of ME SOLshare Ltd. He is further Assistant Professor in the MBA program at North South University (NSU) in Dhaka. Previously, he has been working on the trading floor at Commerzbank in Frankfurt, at the microfinance institution ProCredit in El Salvador, at Planet Finance in India and several years at the consultancy firm MicroEnergy International around the globe. Sebastian further received an executive training on strategic leadership for microfinance from Harvard Business School.

Monica Oliphant

Monica Oliphant, is Past President of ISES and an Adj. A/Professor at 3 Australian Universities. She was employed for 18 years in the electricity supply industry but now runs her own consultancy. She has received several awards in recognition for her work in renewable energy and has served on a number of Australian Federal and State Australian Government Energy Related Committees.   Currently she is working to develop community-owned solar and energy efficiency projects together with local governments.

Prof. Yogi Goswami

D. Yogi Goswami is a Distinguished University Professor and director of the Clean Energy Research Center at the University of South Florida. He is editor-in-chief of Solar Energy and Progress in Solar Energy and author/editor of 21 books and over 350 refereed papers. He also holds 18 U.S. patents some of which have been commercialized around the world. Prof. Goswami has served as President of the International Solar Energy Society, and President of the International Association for Solar Energy Education and a Governor of ASME-International. 

Webinar organiser