PV Recycling and End-of-life Processing
Thursday, 29. October 2020
2:00 to 3:30 AM (PM - GMT/UTC)
The webinar duration is 1:30 hours.

PV Recycling and End-of-life Processing

With more and more PV modules reaching the end of their life-span, end-of-life processes and recycling is becoming an ever more relevant topic. With this webinar, ISES is happy to welcome experts from research and industry focusing on different opportunities surrounding the end-of-life of PV modules and the webinar will cover a legal overview of PV recycling around the world, opportunities for the re-use and recycling of modules.

This webinar is planned as a first instalment on the topic with a follow-up webinar planned for 2021.

The webinar will last 90 minutes including a dedicated Q/A session for the audience to ask questions. A recording of the webinar as well as the presentations given by the panellists will be made available online.

Webinar presentations


Jan Clyncke

Jan Clyncke joined PV CYCLE as Managing Director as of April 1, 2008. He graduated with a Bachelor of Law from the University of Ghent (Belgium) in 1991 and continued his studies at Ehsal (Logistics Management) and Vlerick Management School (Management). In his early career he worked as a Manager of Production & Logistics in the meat industry before moving into the waste management sector. He was employed by the Dutch  AVR-Van Gansewinkel Group (currently RENEWI) where he worked as Project Manager, Legal Environment and Government Affairs Manager Benelux. In the last three years before joining PV CYCLE, he was responsible for Health, Safety and Environment at 20 waste treatment locations.

He has experience in setting up of voluntary and mandatory take-back schemes in Belgium and the Netherlands for household and industrial packaging waste, tire waste, vegetable oil & fat waste, waste oil (lubricants), electrical and electronic equipment waste, empty paint tin waste, flat glass waste, photochemical waste, etc.

David Renné

Dave Renné served as President of the International Solar Energy Society from 2010 - 2019.  From 1991 until his retirement in 2012, Dr. Renné managed the solar resource assessment activities at the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).  In 2012 he formed the consultancy Dave Renne Renewables. He is dedicated to the concept of urgently achieving 100% renewable energy to meet all of our end use energy requirements as the best solution to the climate crisis.

Eszter Voroshazi

Dr. Eszter Voroshazi is R&D Manager of imec’s Photovoltaic activities covering thin-film, silicon and tandem cells, innovative module technologies and PV system simulations. In parallel, she is Activity Leader of Photovoltaics at EnergyVille. She holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 2012 and has in-depth expertise in device and module technologies, and their reliability and characterisation as well as their sustainability. Eszter Voroshazi has published more than 80 papers, and is involved in conference organisation, expert and standardisation committees.

Karsten Wambach

As a pioneer of PV module take back and recycling of PV modules and industrial refining of silicon, Karsten Wambach holds more than 30 years of experience in different sectors of photovoltaics und environmental technologies at Bayer, Pilkington, SolarWorld, Wambach-Consulting and bifa Umweltinstitut. In his work, he focusses on circular economy, classification of wastes and their valorisation. Mr Wambach also is involved internationally in projects and associations such as EPIA, BSW, PV CYCLE, IEA PVPS Task 12 and in conferences.  He is the Initiator, co-founder and first President of PVCYCLE Association (2007 -2011) as well as Member of Scientific Organisation Committee of EUPVSEC (sustainability and recycling of PV).