The Local Dimension of the NDCs: 100% Renewable Energy
Thursday, 30. November 2017
3:00 to 4:30 PM (UTC)
The webinar duration is 1:30 hours.

The Local Dimension of the NDCs: 100% Renewable Energy

This webinar is part of the follow-up process of a successful forum organized during COP23 by the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform together with the German Environment Agency. This forum was designed to breakdown silos and facilitate a dialogue on concerted action between sub-national governments, with a particular focus on moving towards 100% renewable energy. The goal is to escalate the local 100% RE movement that can be particularly observed in industrialised countries to the national level as well as support CVF countries to implement the Marrakesh Vision.

We are excited to welcome our panellist speakers:

  • Christoph Wolfsegger - Program Manager, Climate and Energy Fund, Austria
  • Godfrey Baluku Kime - Mayor, City of Kasese, Uganda
  • Nuri Palmada - Cooperative Board Member, Som Energia, Spain
  • Soledad Aguilar - National Director of Climate Change, Argentina
  • Arthur Hinsch (moderator) - Coordinator, Global 100%RE

NDC = Nationally Determined Contributions

Webinar presentations


Christoph Wolfsegger

Christoph Wolfsegger is program manager at the Climate and Energy Fund of the Austrian government since 2008, where he is responsible for different federal support programmes including the development of Energy Regions. In 2006 he joined EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association), working as a Renewable Energy Economist in Brussels, Belgium. At EPIA he was responsible for global market analysis and he wrote several reports on global PV development (e.g. Solar Generation). He also represented EPIA at the International Energy Agency and the European Commission’s PV Technology Platform.

Godfrey Baluku Kime

Godfrey Baluku Kime is the Mayor of Kasese, a city in Uganda with a population of 126,000 inhabitants. He has spearheaded an ambitious programme to shift the city and the wider district of Kasese to 100% renewable energy by 2020. He is motivated to boost the energy access in the region to improve living standards, increase public health and foster the local economy. Godfrey Baluku Kime is also responding to the deforestation caused by reliance on solid fuels for power and the obvious impacts of climate change that threaten the water supply and cultural identity.

Nuri Palmada

Since the beginning of 2014 Nuri Palmada co-undertakes a project related to renewable energies and energy savings. She is member of the Governing Board of the Som Energía cooperative and collaborates with the CO2en engineering in relation to services related to energy and services contracts and other forms of financing of renewable energy projects and energy efficiency. She has been working on the Green Jobs Project of the Covenant of Mayors to promote the transition to a society with low carbon emissions and has four years of experience in innovation technique, dynamization of projects and collection of funds for development projects. Additionally, she has experience as an entrepreneur, specialized on renewable energies and energy efficiency as well as in capacity building.

Soledad Aguilar

Soledad Aguilar is an expert in international environmental law, is National Director of Climate Change in the Ministry of Environment and directs the Postgraduate Course in Law and Economics of Climate Change in FLACSO Argentina. She has participated in more than fifty multilateral negotiation meetings on the environment, on the topics of climate change, biodiversity, biosecurity and chemical substances, working for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin and previously as a negotiator for the Argentine Government. She has also worked as a consultant on international environmental law and policy for international organizations such as FAO, IDB, UNEP and NGOs such as WWF and IUCN on the legal framework on climate change, pest and pesticide management, biofuels, wildlife trade, desertification and adaptation to climate change. Soledad is a lawyer (University of Buenos Aires), Master of Law (LLM, London School of Economics), and studied diplomatic career (ISEN) in Argentina.

Arthur Hinsch (webinar moderator)

Arthur Hinsch is the Coordinator of the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform since February 2017. Previously he worked with the International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG International) focusing on sustainability reporting (2016) and at the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies in Tokyo, Japan (2014), where he conducted research on the implementation of local renewable energy projects in Japan and Germany. Arthur holds an MA in International Relations and a BA in Japanese Studies from Leiden University in the Netherlands.

Webinar recording

We understand that sometimes the time of the webinar may not suit people in many parts of the world. While we try to alternate webinar times to suit as many time zones as possible, it is not always possible. Therefore, we will post the recording of the webinar on this webpage, on the ISES YouTube channel


Questions and Answers

During the live webinar, there is a "questions and answers" session within the last 10 to 20 minutes. We encourage you to continue the discussion on LinkedIn (ISES LinkedIn group)