ISES Infographics - Solar Thermal Heat for Industry Processes
Tuesday, 10. March 2020
1:00 to 2:00 AM (PM - GMT/UTC)
The webinar duration is 1:00 hour.

ISES Infographics - Solar Thermal Heat for Industry Processes

In this webinar, ISES is happy to introduce the latest installment of the ISES infographics on the topic of solar thermal heat for industry processes to you.

Started in 2018, the ISES infographics are a great a tool for everybody to use when discussing the possibilities of renewable energy and in this case specifically how solar thermal heat is already implemented successfully on an industrial scale.

With this new set of infographics focusing on the potential of solar thermal heat application for productive uses, ISES wants to introduce you to the many great technologies already being implemented today and to give you an outlook into future technological developments. In many parts of the world, the transformation of the energy system has mainly focused on the electricity sector. The heating/cooling, transport, industrial, and agricultural sectors are often overlooked. This significantly slows down the energy transformation as, for example, nearly half of final energy consumption is spent on heating & cooling. In the future, more focus needs to be put on sector coupling and a carbon reduction plan for all aspects of our society. 

Thermal energy, namely for the heating of industry processes, accounts for nearly 10% of global carbon emissions. The Sun, utilizing solar thermal panels to produce hot water or steam, or photovoltaics with resistance heating or heat pumps can help meet the industry processes needs in a carbon-free way. The good news is, that about 30% of the total industrial heat demand is at temperature levels below 100°C which can be provided with commercially available solar thermal collectors.

Three expert speakers will join us on this webinar and discuss solar thermal applications for:

  • solar thermal heat for brewing processes
  • solar thermal heat for mining processes
  • solar thermal heat in the form of "solar steam" for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

The webinar will last one hour and will include a Q/A section for the audience.

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Arabella Liehr

Introducing the ISES infographics publication is ISES Communications and Outreach Officer Arabella Liehr. Having graduated from Goldsmiths College at the University of London, Arabella brings her background in political science to the realm of solar and renewable energy following her research focus on democratic and sustainable societal processes. Arabella has joined the ISES team in 2018, working on the ISES webinars, infographics, outreach and publications, congresses and the ISES monthly newsletter.

Steven Meyers

Steven Meyers served on the ISES Executive Committee from 2016 to 2019, heading the ISES infographics working group, putting forward this great publication. Steve is a mechanical engineer with a PhD in Solar and Renewable Low Carbon Heating and will introduce the ISES Infographics publication, the example of solar thermal heat for brewing processes as well as moderate the webinar. Steve holds a global expertise in solar energy, energy efficiency and quantitative research and in 2018 joined Ecosystems, an engineering and construction firm specialized in complex energy ecosystems implementing turnkey energy projects to optimize the performance of institutional, commercial and industrial buildings.

Martin Haagen

Martin Haagen joined Industrial Solar, in 2012 and is responsible for the Business Development in the MENA region. He has been leading the development of the two projects Industrial Solar has realized in Jordan. In addition he also has been involved in consultancy projects focused on policy for solar process heating.

Martin will introduce solar heat in the form of “solar steam” used for industry processes, specifically introducing a solar steam project at RAM Pharma in Jordan which was started in 2017.

José Miguel Cardemil

Dr.  José Miguel Cardemil is Assistant Professor at the Department for Mechanical Engineering at the University of Chile, works as a researcher at SERC - the Solar Energy Research Center Chile and was the Scientific Chair of the ISES Solar World Congress 2019 in Santiago, Chile.

José Miguel will introduce a Chilean example of solar thermal heat used for mining processes in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile.

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