1st World Women Empowering The CleanTech Decade Summit
Wednesday, 04. October 2023
1:30 to 5:00 AM
The webinar duration is 3:30 hours.

1st World Women Empowering The CleanTech Decade Summit

The 1st World Women Empowering The CleanTech Decade Summit powered by the CleanTech Business Club’s Empowering Women Hub will take place on October 4th at the Crystal Banquet Hall at REI Expo 2023 & Online. 

The summit celebrates the significant opportunities for women in the CleanTech industry. Here, women play a crucial role in steering transformation through innovative technologies and creative contributions. At the event you can listen to women holding executive roles who have broken down obstacles, inspiring others to take leadership roles in CleanTech. Moreover, you will gain insights from men who are advancing their companies by championing gender equality within their organizations, emphasizing the transformative impact of inclusiveness and collaboration.

The event will be centered around the #JoinManifesto2023 a tribute to the collaboration between women and men, working hand in hand to drive the CleanTech Decade.

Find more Information on the summit here: https://www.cleantechbusiness.club/empowering-women

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