Win €20,000 for Your Project Renewabel Energy Project - RTC 2023 Launched!

ISES and Elsevier are now accepting submissions for the Renewable Transformation Challenge 2023!


About the Challenge:

The objective of the Elsevier-ISES Renewable Transformation Challenge Promotion (“Challenge”) is to recognize and honor outstanding work towards a world powered by renewable energy and with accessible energy for all.  This objective is consistent with the vision of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), which is for a world powered by 100% renewable energy used efficiently and wisely and accessible for all. To achieve this vision, a global transformation of our energy systems to efficient and affordable renewable energy must take place.

The Challenge promotion is administered every two (2) years to recognize accomplishments by organizations such as private enterprises, NGOs, and research institutions for undertaking projects and programs that help move the world toward an energy system supplied entirely by renewable energy sources, or for conducting the critical analyses that provide meaningful roadmaps for the transformation. The award winner represents one step towards furthering ISES’ vision.  This vision can only be achieved through private and civil society initiatives towards innovative and successful programs that adopt the use of renewable energy technologies, and the intelligent application of energy efficiency measures. In the context of this Challenge, the energy transformation applies to all end-use energy consumption: power, heat, and transport.

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How to Apply:

Applications for the Challenge are invited from organizations who can demonstrate that they have established successful projects, innovative technologies, financing schemes, policy initiatives, or renewable energy programs, or from institutions that have undertaken research and analyses and identified solutions that demonstrate how this goal is being met. The Challenge can include either supply side (energy generation for end-use energy consumption) or demand side (including energy efficiency) programs, or both, and applicants may address any or all of the end-use energy sectors mentioned above.

Details of how the application supports the 100% renewable energy transformation must be very clear.

To submit your application, register on the application site at Upon successful registration, participants will receive a link to the application form to complete.

Please send any queries you may have about the Challenge or your Application to: challenge [at]

Please see the full terms & conditions for more information.