Webinar Invitation: IRENA Coalition for Action Whitepaper

Webinar Invitation: IRENA Coalition for Action Whitepaper

Companies in transition towards 100% renewable energy: Focus on Heating and Cooling

ISES is pleased to announce a February 25 IRENA Coalition for Action Webinar highlighting the launch of their latest white paper titled, "Companies in Transition Towards 100% Renewable Energy: Focus on Heating and Cooling”.

ISES members have played several key roles in this white paper.  ISES Immediate Past President Dave Renné, along with ISES member Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes of the European Renewable Energy Federation served as the Co-Chairs of the Towards 100% Renewable Energy Working Group, which developed  the white paper under the leadership of IRENA’s Coalition for Action Team during 2020. Rainer and Dave also served as Co-Chairs for the production of the previous White Paper titled "Towards 100% Renewable Energy:  Utilities in Transition”, which was launched by IRENA in early 2020.  ISES Past President Monica Oliphant, who represents ISES on the Coalition’s Steering Group, has played key roles in the development of both white papers.  All of these ISES members will continue to remain actively involved in the ongoing work of IRENA’s Coalition for Action.

The webinar will gather public and private sector stakeholders to discuss key opportunities and challenges faced by companies setting and implementing corporate renewable energy heating and cooling targets, including how policies can be designed to effectively encourage the use of renewable heating and cooling in industry. Discussions will highlight successful examples of companies that are transitioning to 100% renewable energy and have set ambitious renewable energy targets for their heating and cooling operations.

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