Upcoming Webinar: Solar PV: A Gender Perspective

On January 26, ISES is happy to present this upcoming webinar on the latest instalment of the IRENA Gender Perspective Series, this time focussing on the aspect of gender in Solar PV.

The webinar will welcome the following speakers:

  • Celia García-Baños, IRENA Knowledge Policy and Finance Centre
  • Christine Lins, GWNET
  • Aline Kirsten Vidal de Oliveira, ABENS

The Gender Perspective series is an integral part of IRENA’s extensive research work on the effects of renewable energy deployment during energy transitions. The initial focus on employment creation and skills was expanded over time to cover other socio-economic elements such as gross domestic product, broader measures of welfare, local economic value creation, improved livelihoods and gender-differentiated impacts.

The 2022 report presented in this webinar evaluates the role of women in the solar PV industry using the largest sample of global responses
on solar PV energy and gender gathered to date. Based on our survey of some 1 300 individuals and organisations, it reports the share of women in the industry (40%), highlights the barriers and opportunities within the sector, and flags the similarities and differences between the solar PV workforce and the previously analysed sectors.


Learn more and register for the webinar here!