SWC50 Event Newsletter - August 2020

The monthly SWC50 newsletter is out!

Every month, SWC50 newsletter brings to you news, insights and the latest updates of the special 50th Anniversary Solar World Congress.

In this month's newsletter the organizers present a focus on solar pioneers  and the growth of solar in the US, starting all the way back in 1954 when three solar pioneers created the Association for Applied Solar Energy - ASAFE in Arizona.

SWC50 - The Century of Solar is about the people: researchers, industry players, policy makers, and leaders of NGOs and non-profit organizations who have all contributed to make solar energy the fastest growing contributor to new electricity capacity. The Virtual Conference will be a series of six 90-minute panel sessions from 3 – 4 December 2020 plus 3 follow up webinars during 2021. The virtual museum will be launched during the conference in December 2020 and will be a permanent “living” website.

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SWC50 event newsletter - August 2020