SWC 2019 Conference Proclamation

07. November 2019

After four great days in Santiago, the ISES Solar World Congress comes to an end today. In the closing ceremony, ISES together with the SHC 2019 Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry thanked all participants, local and international organziers, supporters and sponsors for the successful conference and a special conference proclamation was issued - please see below.



422 participants from 48 countries came together for the 2019 Solar World Congress!


International Solar Energy Society Solar World Congress 2019

held together with the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry

4 – 7 November 2019.  Santiago, Chile


Renewable energy will make the socio-economic global revolution successful


The Congress, acknowledged as a preparatory meeting for the 25th UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP 25), stressed the critical need to accelerate the energy transformation to address the growing urgency of the climate crisis and the attainment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


The creation of wealth powered by fossil fuels over the past two centuries has also led to income disparities, energy injustice, and environmental threats. Now people are striking back in a number of ways…a global revolution is taking place to fight these inequalities, environmental crises, and government inaction.  Major changes are needed and, as affirmed during the Congress, these changes are not only possible – they are underway around the world.  A distributed renewables-based energy system offers much greater energy access and provides many more people with a much greater say in how their energy is produced and used, leading both to energy justice as well as to environmental recovery and improvement.  This power to the people model also addresses the income disparity issues.


In order to rapidly achieve the goal of 100% renewable energy in all end-use sectors …electricity, transportation, heating and cooling…in all cities, regions and nations throughout the world, innovations in technology, markets, policies, community actions and public support continue to be needed. While impressive advances are occurring, challenges still remain.  The Congress brought to the forefront a dialogue among diverse experts to discuss and formulate actions to meet these.


The congress highlighted that regional renewable energy integration is a key component of secure and flexible systems. As our energy supply becomes more distributed, sector coupling and technology integration, and effective energy exchange across communities and regions is of high priority. Specialized training for all aspects of renewable energy system development is critical for insuring the needed skilled workforce. Innovative public education, awareness raising and community engagement are essential to grow worldwide support for the energy transformation.


This event reinforced a long tradition of connecting the research and academic community with decision makers from government sectors, industry, financiers and practitioners. Over 400 participants from 48 countries discussed the different technological advances and applications that can rapidly, economically and efficiently lead the world to 100% renewable energy meeting everyone’s end use energy needs. The Congress featured numerous interactive oral and poster presentations and a rich variety of events to encourage the work of early career participants.


The Congress participants and organizers thank the sponsors and supporters for a successful event. More information at www.swc2019.org and www.shc2019.org