Succesfull webinar with IEA SHC Solar Academy

21. September 2018

ISES held another very succesful monthly webinar on Wednesday the 19th of September. ISES was joined by the IEA SHC Solar Academy on Task 53 - Solar Air Conditioning and Cooling.


In this 1,5 hour webinar, a total of five speakers presentend IEA SHC, Task 53 Solar Air Condtioning and Cooling and the results of their work and different projects.

The speakers for this webinar were:

  • Dr. Daniel Mugnier, Operating Agent of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Program for the Task 53, shortly presented the Task 53 structure, the scope and the main objectives of this Task.
  • Prof. Marco Beccali, Full Professor on Applied Physics and HVAC Systems at the Polytechnic School of the University of Palermo (Italy) introduced the solar heating and cooling systems performance, followed by a presentation of ELISA “Environmental Life-cycle Impacts of Solar Air-conditioning systems”
  • Dr. Sonia Longo, Researcher the Department of Energy, Information Engineering and Mathematical Models, University of Palermo, presented the application of the ELISA tool to a case study
  • Daniel Neyer, PhD Candidate and Senior Researcher at the Unit for Energy Efficient Buildings at University of Innsbruck, presented technical and economic assessments and benchmark results of best practice examples of new generation solar thermal and PV driven heating and cooling systems
  • Dr. Chiara Dipasquale, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Renewable Energy at Eurac, Italy, presented a set of model-based results of residential buildings located in different European climates. In particular, she reported on HVAC systems performance when coupled with different orientations and sizes of photovoltaics or solar thermal fields

The webinar was moderated by Bärbel Epp, founder and managing director of agency Solrico, the solar research and worldwide communication network for solar themal professionals.


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