Solar Decathlon Europe 2021/22 Publications Launched

In 2021/22, ISES was a Supporting Partner of Solar Decathlon Europe, a university-level building competition during which 18 university teams from 11 countries came together and competed in building energy neutral or even energy positive solar houses.

ISES was happy to support this important event with a dedicated Solar Award, presented together with the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme during the SDE awards ceremony. At the award ceremony, ISES was represented by ISES President Prof. Klaus Vajen and ISES Board Member and Society Secretary Prof. Andreas Häberle who gave the laudation for the Solar Award. 

Now, two publications on the Solar Decathlon Europe 2021/22 have been released:

- the Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 Competition Source Book introducing the competing teams, their projects, and first results of their projects

- an article in the journal Energy & Building focussing on the energy engineering and technical and architectural integration of the solar systems presented at the Decathlon and also includes the results achieved in the competition linked to the learning experience