RTC 2023 Winning Project Presented at SWC 2023

During the gala dinner of this year's ISES Solar World Congress - SWC 2023 - representatives from Elsevier and ISES were happy to award the winning project of the 2023 Renewable Transformation Challenge.

The Renewable Transformation Challenge is a contest issued by Elsevier and ISES every two years which aims to recognize accomplishments by organizations such as private enterprises, NGOs, and research institutions for undertaking projects and programs that help move the world toward an energy system supplied entirely by renewable energy sources, or for conducting the critical analyses that provide meaningful roadmaps for the transformation.

In 2023, a total of 84 applications were submitted and had to go through a rigorous review by our international expert jurors and judges.

In early September, Elsevier and ISES were pleased to announce Solar Sisters with their initiative to empower women to eradicate energy poverty has been selected as this years RTC winning project.


Since 2010, Solar Sister has worked to fight energy poverty across this region by recruiting, training, and supporting women entrepreneurs as they create clean energy distribution businesses. Solar Sister Entrepreneurs sell products produced by trusted manufacturers, ranging from a small phone-charging lamp to larger solar home systems and clean cookstoves.

After over a decade of operations, Solar Sister remains the only organisation working at the intersection of women's empowerment, energy poverty and climate change in Africa. Solar Sister’s theory of change is that through developing women entrepreneurship, both the women entrepreneurs and their communities benefit from positive impacts in the areas of energy access, climate justice and gender equity.

During the award ceremony at SWC 2023, Solar Sister representative Catarina Morais introduced the work of Solar Sister to the SWC 2023 attendees and shared the inspirational story that started the Solar Sister project many years ago.

ISES and Elseiver are proud to support Solar Sister and their important work through the Renewable Transformation Challenge as we thrive to move the world to 100% renewable energy for all, used efficiently and wisely.



RTC winning project awarded at SWC 2023