RTC 2019 - Top 10 announced!

Elsevier and ISES are happy to present the final Top 10 entries for the Renewable Transformation Challenge 2019 - please find the Top 10 in no particular order below!

All 10 entries show great potential with all projects working directly to the Challenges mission: achieving a world powered by renewable energy and accessible energy for all. Over the next weeks, the RTC judges will determine the final winning project which Elsevier and ISES are excited to announce soon.


  • Robert Cunningham, RVE.SOL - SOLUÇÕES DE ENERGIA RURAL LDA: KUDURA – Achieving Universal Basic Utility Access (Portugal)
  • William Kisaalita, Thermogenn: Wind-/biogas-powered cooling in rural settings (Uganda)
  • Haiwang Zhong, Tsinghua University: Renewable Energy-Dominated Virtual Power Plant (China)
  • Richard Perez, State University of New York: Protocol for Italian solar energy transition (USA)
  • Manikandan G K, Smart Bricks Construction: Deliver boiled water for Scheduled Tribal peoples (India)
  • Maria Soledad Penaranda-Moren, Efficiency Consulting GmbH: MULTIFUNCTIONAL SYSTEM: GREENING AND PHOTOVOLTAICS (Austria)
  • Douglas Danley, Team SUNSPOT: SUNSPOT Solar Electric Cooking (USA)
  • Alexander van der Kleij, Solar Dew: Solar Dew (Netherlands)
  • Georgiana Maries, MG Sustainable Engineering: Concentrating Bifacial Photovoltaic Panel C-BfPV (Sweden)
  • Georg Heinemann, SolarWorx: Next generation SHSs for bottom up electrification


Since 2017, the Renewable Transformation Challenge is awarded every two years to recognize accomplishments by organizations such as private enterprises, NGO’s, and research institutions for undertaking projects and programs that help move the world toward an energy system supplied entirely by renewable energy sources, or for conducting the critical analyses that provide meaningful roadmaps for the transformation. The award is one step towards furthering ISES’ vision of a world powered by 100% renewable energy, used efficiently and wisely, and accessible for all. This vision requires a global transformation of our energy systems to efficient and affordable renewable energy and can only be achieved through private and civil society initiatives towards innovative and successful programs that adopt the use of renewable energy technologies, and the intelligent application of energy efficiency measures. In the context of this Challenge, the energy transformation applies to all end-use energy consumption: power, heat, and transport.