Roberto Román Award Launched

In memory of Prof. Roberto Román (1945-2019), SERC - the Chilean Solar Energy Research Center - has created the "Roberto Román Award" recognizing people or organizations that have promoted the development of the solar industry in Chile. Chairman of the SWC 2019, responsible for International Outreach at SERC Chile and long-time ISES Board Member, Roberto was a true solar energy champion in his home country of Chile and around the world.

Roberto was a Mechanical Civil Engineer and Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the University of Chile. He believed that "the future we must build is 100% renewable" and he is remembered by colleagues from all disciplines as a great teacher, friend, and nature lover.

Roberto is greatly missed by ISES and the Solar Community in Chile and around the world, and we are proud to see his legacy live on in this important award!