Recordings from 1st World CleanTech Week eConvention available

13. May 2020

From April 20-24, ISES representative took part in the first ever 1st World CleanTech Week eConvention presented by the CleanTech Business Club Network (CBC).

Reacting to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the CBC decided to take immediate action to empower CBC members, partners and the global community to create jont resilience and turn the disruption caused through COVID-19 into a positive cleantech disruption. This first eConvention brought toghether eBusiness Solutions, eMentoring, eH2H Solutions (Human to Human) and eSharing Knowledge to build this resilience.

Recordings of sessions with contributions by ISES are now available - please find the sessions and recordings below:

Solar Technologies

Smart Energy Systems

Convergence of Clean Tech Technologies

Public Influencers and Education

Empowering Women

Country Spotlight: Australia

Country Spotlight: Germany