Power for all survey - calling participants from India, Kenya and Nigeria

16. November 2018

After joining the Power for all campaign #PoweringJobs launched on October 31 2018 at the 4th International Off-Grid Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition, IOREC,  ISES is now happy to share the Power for all survey on energy access for all.

This survey for the energy access jobs campaign is gathering data from India, Kenya and Nigeria to understand current employment, job growth trends, and to identify gaps in workforce formation. The survey will eventually provide a global picture of energy access jobs (direct, indirect and induced), and serve as an important tool to attract additional investment in skills building.

Presenting the first comprehensive data on energy access jobs, with findings launched in the first half of 2019, timed with a global focus next year on SDG8—Decent Work. It will pay particular attention to the important role of women and youth in delivering energy access.


ISES calls on all our members and everybody involved in solar in India, Kenya and Nigeria to participate in this survey! Your input is of great value to Power for all and in helping to develop the jobs necessary to achieve the energy transformation!

Please find there survey here: Power For All Survey


About Power for all:

Power for All is a multi-stakeholder coalition campaigning to rapidly scale the deployment of decentralized renewable energy in order to achieve universal electricity access before 2030. Distributed renewables—including green mini-grids and rooftop solar systems designed for households, businesses and productive use appliances—offer the fastest, most affordable and cleanest path to electricity access for all. To learn more visit powerforall.org