Nov/Dec Webinar: Solar Process Heat by IEA SHC and SolarPACES

On November 29 and December 01, ISES will be hosting the next IEA SHC Solar Academy webinar on solar process heat.

About the webinar:

Large-scale installations for the provision of Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (SHIP) are a market segment where solar thermal technologies promise enormous CO2 saving potential. Worldwide, some 1’000 projects exist with exciting new developments in recent years. The IEA TCPs SHC and SolarPACES try to help unleash this potential for concentrating and non-concentrating collector technologies within the ongoing Tasks 64 / IV.

The webinar presents some recent results and insights into the task work about system integration and the evaluation of simulation tools and also looks at the present market situation of Solar Process Heat.

The webinar will welcome the following speakers:

  • Felix Pag, University of Kassel - "About the role of SHIP in industrial hybrid energy systems"
  • Alan Pino, niversity of Seville - "Evaluation of Uncertainty Derived from SHIP Plant Simulations"
  • Wolfgang Gruber Glatzl, AEE Intec - "SHIP – successful plants worldwide"

The webinar will be moderated by Bärbel Epp of the German consultancy solrico.

How to register:

This webinar will be held twice to accommodate our global audience from all over the world.