Newest ISES Gold Member

Dr. Kameswara Rao Bhamidipaty

Professor, Mechanical Engineering at Gayatri College of Engineering (GVPCoE), India.

Dr. Bhamidipaty is an ISES member since 1 January 2001.

Thank you Dr. Bhamidipaty for your commitment and dedication to ISES.

Gold Membership (Life-time Member)

ISES Gold Members are lifetime Members of the International Solar Energy Society, never needing to renew their memberships. Gold Memberships strengthen the Society's financial stability, enabling ISES staff and Members to continue to work to achieve the ISES vision of 100% renewable energy for all, used wisely and efficiently.

In addition to the benefits available for all individual members, Gold members receive an extra 10 % discount on all additional services.

A Gold Membership costs 1000 € (500 € for people residing in lower income countries). To purchase a Gold Membership, log in to your ISES account and click on "Buy Membership" and Select Gold, or create a new ISES account here: