New Infographics on Solar Thermal Heat for Industry Processes

08. November 2019

On occasion of the ISES Solar World Congress 2019, the International Solar Energy Society has released the second installment in the ISES Infographics series.

Started in 2018, this publication provides facts on renewable and in particular, solar energy, with the aim to provide a helpful tool for everybody in advancing the renewable energy transformation and a world powered by 100% renewable energy for all, used efficiently and wisely.

The first installment of this series titled "Dispelling the Myths - Renewables in the Grid" focused on debunking eight commonly claimed shortcomings about renewable energy and especially grid integration.

The second installment focuses on a special solar technology - solar thermal heat for industry processes - highlighting the real value solar has in fighting climate change and the potential of solar thermal heat applications for productive uses. ISES is proud to present 3 infographics presenting examples of how solar thermal heat is being used for the heating of industry processes, which accounts for nearly 10% of global carbon emissions.

Three applications of solar thermal heat for industry processes where chosen to demonstrate the already existing successful implementations of this technology, each of them playing a key role in the manufacturing of everyday end-consumer products.
ISES President, Dr. David Renné said upon release of the new infographics,  "These infographics provide valuable information that can be used by a broad audience to inform how solar thermal technologies can provide clean, reliable, and low-cost energy for use in a variety of commonly-used products. The solar energy resource is free to all of us, and can be readily used to create the high temperatures necessary for producing products such as beer, components for mobile phones, and medicines."
Dr. Steven Meyers, lead of the infographics project from the ISES Board of Directors said, "The infographics project is very important not only to myself but to the solar energy community and people all over the world looking to learn about solutions fighting climate change. There is an amazing amount of research and developed technology that is ready today to reduce our carbon emissions. I hope this publication can spark a debate and a new way of thinking about how to produce energy to cleanly progress our society forward."
The ISES Infographics combine in-depth solar research and facts, with easy to understand visual graphics to allow for the Infographics to be used by many audiences and especially when talking to the decision makers, colleagues, family and friends about the benefits of solar energy technologies!

All ISES Infographics are available online and can be downloaded - we invite you to share them with your networks! If you are interested in a postcard version of the infographics, contact us at public [dot] relations [at] ises [dot] org.