Monica Oliphant: The journey of a woman who has been dedicating her life to solar energy research and projects for more than 40 years

05. July 2017

Interview with ISES Past President and Board Member, Monica Oliphant in "The Beam" magazine:

"Monica Oliphant is a pioneer in solar energy research, and we were very honoured to get the chance to speak with her. Amongst other things, the British-Australian scientist has been President of the International Solar Energy Society, worked as an energy research scientist for the Electricity Trust of South Australia for 20 years, and taught in three Australian Universities. Despite an incredible life-trajectory, Monica Oliphant doesn’t seem keen to retire anytime soon, currently running her own consultancy, working on developing community-owned solar and developing energy efficiency projects together with local governments."

Read the full interview on "The Beam" website here: