Masters Course in Solar Energy at SWC 2021

The organizers of SWC 2021 are happy to share the invitation to apply for the Masters Course in Solar Energy at the Solar World Congress 2021!


The Masters Course in Solar Energy is an exclusive offer to ISES Student Members and, apart from attending the ISES Solar World Congress 2021, an internationally renowned Conference held since 1970, it is a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments in solar energy, to connect to the ISES solar community around the world, build professional connections and will be a valuable experience for our students overall.


If you are an ISES Student Member and want to apply, learn more and find the application form here.

Not yet an ISES Student Member? Learn more and apply for the course here and join ISES upon your acceptance to the course.

About the Masters Course

The Masters Course has been part of ISES Congresses for many years, and we are happy to offer it again this year, taking the Course online for the very first time at SWC 2021. Master Courses in Solar Energy have been held during the ISES congresses EuroSun 2000, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 and Solar World Congress 2011. The Course will welcome ISES Student Members holding a B.Sc. degree with good knowledge of solar energy, solar buildings and related topics. The number of students is limited to 20. The Masters Course in Solar Energy is organized by ISES President, Prof. Dr. Klaus Vajen (Kassel University - DE).

Before the start of the Course, the students will choose a topic they want to cover. Based on the papers presented at SWC 2021 and on literature study, the students will work out a state-of-the-art report on the selected theme/topic. Students will be paired in groups of two from different universities and will present the findings to other students and supervisor during the last day of the course (see the Course timetable here).

The work load is 90 hours which corresponds to 3 ECTS points. Students will be given a certificate for having concluded a 3 ECTS credit course at the University of Kassel but the recognition of the course at their home university is at their sole responsibility. Supervisors should motivate students to take part in the Course.

Some general information:

The application process to take part in the Course will open in June 2021 and students will receive their notification of acceptance in July 2021 and registration for the Solar World Congress will open in July as well. Registration deadline to the congress for students taking part in the Masters Course is 01 Sept. 2021.