July Webinar: IEA SHC Solar Academy: Solar Heat Worldwide 2024 - Harnessing Solar Thermal Energy for a Sustainable Future

On  02 and 04 July, ISES is happy to welcome IEA SHC to hold a webinar on Solar Heat Worldwide 2024 - Harnessing Solar Thermal Energy for a Sustainable Future. Speakers are Werner Weiss, AEE  INTEC, Austria; Bärbel Epp, solrico, Germany and Guglielmo Cioni, Solar Heat Europe. The webinar will be moderated by Valérie Séjourné, Solar Heat Europe.

The webinar will discuss the latest advancements in solar thermal energy, including innovative solar district heating systems and applications in various industrial sectors. The webinar will also cover emerging trends in solar electrification for heating and high-temperature heat storage. Additionally, participants will gain insights into the outlook for 2024 and beyond, including the development of large-scale solar plants and future growth trajectories for the solar thermal industry.

Speaker presentations: 

  • Bärbel Epp: Industrial heat decarbonization: challenges, trends and outlook
  • Werner Weiss: Global solar thermal market in 2023 and outlook to new developments and applications
  • Guglielmo Cioni: Solar Heat Europe: Solar thermal energy - the way to growth

ISES and the IEA SHC Solar Academy are happy to announce that this webinar will be held twice, first on 02 July and again on 04 July 2024 at 6 AM GMT/UTC to accommodate our global audience, especially from Australia and Asia. The broadcast webinar on 04 July will then be followed by a separate live Q/A. 

For the webinar on 02 July register here.

For the webinar on 04 July register here.