ISES Webinars: Scaling Up - High PV and Renewables Penetration Scenarios

On May 06 2021, ISES invites you to join this next installment of the ISES monthly webinar series, this time on the topic of Scaling Up - High PV and Renewables Penetration Scenarios.

Driving the renewable energy transformation, the upscaling of renewables such as PV will be key in meeting the energy needs and to build the energy systems of the future. In this webinar, five experts will present scenarios on ultra-high renewable penetration, upscaling PV in an insular context, a purely PV-EV based nationwide energy system, case studies on national PV upscaling as well as take a look at the life cycle impacts of PV and possibilities of PV recycling.

This webinar will welcome the following presentations:

  • Marc Perez (Clean Power Research) - Achieving Ultra-high Penetration Renewable at Least Cost
  • Tobias Boström (Arctic University of Norway) - The pure nationwide PV-EV energy system
  • Mathieu David (University of La Reunion) - High PV penetration on the insular grid of Reunion Island
  • Vasilis Fthenakis (Columbia University) - Life cycle impacts of PV
  • Cristina Cornaro (University of Rome) - Italian protocol for massive solar penetration

The webinar will last 90 minutes including a dedicated Q/A session for the audience to ask questions. A recording of the webinar as well as the presentations given by the panellists will be made available online after the webinar.

Learn more and register for the webinar here!