ISES Webinar: Dispelling the Myths - Renewables in the Grid

18. January 2019

Webinar announcement

The International Solar Energy Society will be holding a webinar on the Dispelling the Myths publications series on January 29 2019 at 8pm GMT - register here!

In December 2018, ISES launched its latest publication "Dispelling the Myths - Renewables in the Grid ": a set of eight infographics dispelling the most commonly claimed myths about renewable energy integration.

When discussing renewable energy, knowledge is key, especially when confronted with commonly claimed shortcomings about renewables and it is ISES' objective to strengthen and support the urgent call for a renewable energy-based energy transformation by sharing the knowledge needed to achieve this revolutionary goal.

In addressing this objective, ISES has developed a series of infographics to clarify commonly claimed shortcomings about renewable energy. The first installment in this series addresses renewable energy integration into the grid.

Each of the eight infographics introduces a common myth regarding grid integration, then dispels the myth based on latest research findings and real-world successful experiences of the integration of renewables into existing electrical grids.

Dr. Dave Renné, President of ISES says: “These infographics should serve as valuable tools for stakeholders seeking to inform decision and policy makers, as well as skeptics, about the real and practical value of adding large amounts of renewable energy to the grid. Despite the characteristically variable nature of their output, renewables give us a much cleaner energy source without sacrificing the quality and reliability of our electricity supply.”

In this webinar, ISES board member Steven Meyers welcomes expert panelist speakers Tyler McCandless (National Center for Atmospheric Research), Charlie Smith (Energy Systems Integration Group) and Mark Diesendorf (Cooperative Research Center for Low Carbon Living) to discuss some of the commonly claimed shortcomings addressed in the "Dispelling the Myths" infographics. The webinar will last one hour and the attendees will have a chance to submit their questions to the speakers during the Q/A 

The full publication of Dispelling the Myths with all infographics to download and share can be found on the publications homepage!
Here, the recording of the webinar will also be available a few days after the webinar.