ISES mourns the loss of Steve Sawyer

07. August 2019

ISES mourns the loss of Steve Sawyer

On 31 July 2019, the global renewable energy community and ISES learned of the passing of our friend and colleague Steve Sawyer. It is with heavy hearts that ISES writes this statement today on this sad occasion as we commemorate Steve and the great impact his important work had in our communities and for the cause of renewable energy worldwide.

Steve was a founder of the Global Wind Energy Council, GWEC and its Secretary General for over 10 years, coming to the GWEC after a courageous and distinguished career as a campaigner with Greenpeace International. At the GWEC, Steve tirelessly represented the wind industry and worked to convince governments to adopt wind as the solution to growing energy demand and carbon emissions. During Steve’s tenure at the head of GWEC, global wind installations grew from 74GW to 539GW and became one of the world’s most important energy sources.

ISES President Dave Renné remembers Steve as a strong, furious, articulate, ad thoughtful advocate and spokesperson for renewable energy, a wonderful friend, and a joy to be around.  His spirit will always be with us, and he will be dearly missed.

Our hearts are with Steve’s family, the GWEC team and the global renewable energy community as we grief his loss.




Image Source: GWEC