09. December 2019

At this years COP25  in Madrid, the International Solar Energy Society joins the worlds leading politicians, researchers and climate agencies to strengthen the voice of renewable energy in the face of our global and urgent calls for immediate climate action and a transformation towards 100% renewable energy for all, used efficiently and wisely.


Together with the partners of the RenAlliance, which ISES co-founded in 2004, the World Wind Energy Association, the International Hydropower Association, the International Geothermal Association and the World Bioenergy Association, ISES will be hosting an official side event on Tuesday, 10 December 2019 at 13.15 PM.

Under the title of "Stronger Together: Showcasing Success of Renewable Energy Technologies Working Together" the alliance partners will highlight the urgency for all countries to develop more ambitious commitments in order to achieve the Paris agreement goals. Renewables – solar, wind, biomass, hydro & geothermal – working together can strengthen national commitments to achieve a just and equitable transformation to a renewable energy future. A radical transformation of the present energy system is required in order to meet the ambitious climate and sustainability goals set in Paris in 2015. This includes fundamental changes to the way energy is supplied, used, stored, transmitted, bought and sold. By 2050, renewable energies could supply as much as, or even more than half of global energy demand.

The transformation has already begun; however, we need to raise ambitions and continue to accelerate the rate of renewables deployment. Renewable technologies working together can create resilient systems that can both help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change. Renewables working in concert can promote resilient future systems that are prepared to decarbonise other energy end-use sectors.

The side event will showcase best-practice examples and experiences from the renewables sector.


Date: 10th December 2019

Time: 13.15 – 14.45 hrs

Venue: Room 5, COP25 – IFEMA, Madrid, Spain