ISES Column in pv magazine - February 2023

ISES Board Directors and Leads of the ISES PV Strategy Committee Prof. Andrew Blakers (ANU) and Prof. Ricardo Rüther (UFSC) are pleased to share an ISES column in pv magazine for February 2023.

Pumped Hydropower Sites in Europe - Map
Pumped hydro storage locations in Europe - Image Source: ISES

The column shines a light on the large-scale storage needs required for energy systems based upon variable solar and wind. To address this need, the column presents Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PHES): a highly credible, off-the-shelf, low-cost, low-environmental-impact energy storage technology that is unconstrained by material availability, that has been available for a century, that has already been deployed at a scale of 200 GW, and that is available at unlimited scale nearly everywhere.

Find the full column here.