ISES Column in pv magazine

ISES Board Directors and Leads of the ISES PV Strategy Committee Prof. Andrew Blakers (ANU) and Prof. Ricardo Rüther (UFSC) are pleased to share an ISES column on solar pv in pv magazine.

The column covers the role of solar pv and wind as the most competitive and practical method of deploying new electricity generation capacity today and is looking to a fully electrified future with these two renewable energy powerhouses meeting rising demands.

Prof Blakerss notes that "solar PV will provide more than half of the global mitigation of greenhouse emissions, via displacement of fossil fuels" and Prof. Rüther adds that "the massive cost reductions in PV are making solar the technology of choice in all markets and applications, including the developing countries for which PV was perceived as viable only for offgrid applications."

Find the full column here.