ASES SOLAR 20/20 Conference Report

From 24-25 June 2020, ASES, the American Solar Energy Society and US-Section of ISES was happy to present the ASES SOLAR 20/20 national solar conference virtually for the first time ever. ISES is pleased to share the report below from ASES on the conference!


ASES SOLAR 20/20: Renewable Energy Vision Conference

Brings Together Perspectives and Calls Us to Action

The world has changed and we must change with it, but our ultimate goal – a world run on clean, renewable energy – remains the same.  What can we do together to ensure that the current global pandemic doesn’t slow, but actually accelerates the transition to a clean energy world?  What can we do to better integrate and connect concerns about social, economic and racial injustice with our ongoing efforts to improve access to clean air, clean water and clean energy for all?  These were key questions addressed throughout the American Solar Energy Society’s (ASES) first virtual conference on June 24 and 25. A major outcome of the conference is the Call to Action #MissionPossible #FossilFreeAndFlourishing. To sign the Call to Action and to view conference discussions, visit

A key aspect of achieving the renewable energy vision is gaining public support for actions and policies that will rapidly advance the transformation to 100% renewables.  During the kickoff session of the conference, the Stronger Together Town Hall, representatives from a wide array of organizations involved in advocacy and policy-making highlighted how we can better work together to grow our constituencies and strengthen our movement to realize our common goals.  The two conference keynote sessions, Clear Vision for Worldwide Action and Citizen Action, brought together diverse perspectives on global and national climate actions aimed at drawing together policymakers, leaders in all sectors, and advocates to spur change.

The the conference featured discussions on advances in buildings, including presentations from 2020 Solar Decathlon decathletes, systems integration, PV, solar thermal, and storage.  Other sessions at SOLAR 20/20 featured discussions on clean energy education, policy, and finance. Special forums included the longstanding Women in Solar Energy (WISE) Forum highlighting  women who are leading and inspiring others across the solar industry space, the Emerging Professionals Forum connecting young people new to the renewable workforce through networking opportunity, as well as the Spirit and Sustainability Community Forum in which everyone was invited to share their thoughts about how we can move toward a cleaner, healthier, and more equitable society as efficiently, safely, and quickly as possible. The interactive conference platform provided opportunities for participants to network with each other on a chat platform, engage in live and recorded sessions with dozens of speakers and learn more about conference partners and sponsors in the exhibit hall. 


During the conference, attendees were invited to sign the Call to Action which stresses:

⧫ A world run on 100% renewable energy is possible; and
⧫ Being fossil free leads to a thriving economy, planet and people worldwide; and
⧫ Progress to 100% renewable energy is accelerated by working together.

To sign the Call to Action pledge for your organization and yourself, and to view conference discussions, visit