ASES National Solar Tour goes Hybrid

The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) announces that its National Solar Tour will be held in Hybrid form on October 2-3 and the surrounding weekends. As a hybrid conference, people can check out solar development virtually as well as in some cases in person.

 Tour participants can:

  • See solar buildings and systems up close.
  • Ask solar homeowners questions about how their solar systems work.
  • Learn why people in your community made the choice to go solar.
  • Connect with other people who support solar energy and learn practical tips.

  ASES National Solar Tour is the largest grassroots solar, renewable energy, and sustainable living event in the nation, as hundreds of people across the nation show off their solar homes and businesses. During this two-day event, solar owners and supporters will have a chance to connect, ask and answer questions, and participate in a nationwide in-person and virtual solar experience.

Whether you are a solar owner, completely new to solar, or somewhere in between – this event is for you. Find events near you and learn more here.