10 Years of ISES Webinars

In fall 2022, the ISES team celebrated a special jubilee - 10 years since the first ever ISES webinar aired in September 2012 when the ISES team and invited speakers went live for the very first time, presenting a webinar on solar thermal electricity.

Today, ISES webinars are presented every month, and we are especially proud that our webinars are free for all to join! ISES webinars cover solar energy related topics of high relevance in science, technology development, market and industrial implementation, social issues, training, and education.

Over the years, we have established valuable cooperation on the webinars, for example with the IEA SHC Solar Academy, REN21, GWNET, GSC and more!


Every month, our webinars reach several hundred attendees from all around the world with record attendance of 500+ attendees at webinars covering solar trend topics such as floating PV.

For our members, the monthly webinars are exclusively compiled in the ISES webinar archive - accessible to ISES members only and including pdfs of all presentations given on the webinars.

We are looking forward to many more webinars to come! Discover past and future ISES webinars here!