Future Society for Energy Studies and Researches

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Areas of Expertise
Technical Solar Architecture and Building Integration, Net Zero Energy Buildings & Passive Buildings, Rational Use of Energy and Energy Storage in Buildings, Building Materials & Components, Daylighting, Advanced HVAC, Building Integrated PV, Solar Heating & Cooling, Solar Domestic Hot Water & Combisystems, Solar Collectors and Hybrid Collectors, Solar Cooling & Air Conditioning, Solar District Heating and Cooling, Solar Heat for Industrial & Commercial Applications, Thermal Energy Storage, Photovoltaics Modules & Systems, Photovoltaics Materials, Photovoltaics Cells, Concentrated PV, Grid-integrated PV Systems, Renewable Energy Grid Integration, Electricity Storage & Distribution, Hydrogen - Chemical Energy Storage and Fuels, Fuel Cells, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Smart Energy Systems, Rural Energy Supply & Distributed Renewable Energy Systems, Mini-grids, Energy Acccess
Organisational Project Managament, Systems Integration, Education and Training, Marketing and Commercialisation, Research
Geographic Global, Western Asia/ Middle East
Publications (Papers, Books, Articles, etc.)
all publications can be found in chairman google scholar account:
Honors/Awards Received
- The honor orginization membership in the Iraqi ministry of higher education and scientific researches 2019, 2020 and 2021.
- The best SDGs partner according to Aula Center for training and development (NGO) in 2021