Dr. Luis christian Navntoft

Ingeniero Maschwitz, Escobar
Profession / Job Title
Dr. Engineer
Solarmate SA
Areas of Expertise
Technical Rational Use of Energy and Energy Storage in Buildings, Solar Heating & Cooling, Solar Domestic Hot Water & Combisystems, Solar Collectors and Hybrid Collectors, Solar Cooling & Air Conditioning, Solar District Heating and Cooling, Solar Heat for Industrial & Commercial Applications, Thermal Energy Storage, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Energy Acccess, Solar Cooking and Food Processing, Strategies and Policies, Climate Change, Renewable Energy Financing, Energy Meteorology, Renewable Energy Resource Assessment & Climate, Solar Radiation Availability & Variability
Organisational Project Managament, Systems Integration, Education and Training, Marketing and Commercialisation, Research
Geographic South America, Caribbean
Short Description
Engineer in Ecology and Doctor in science and technology with mention in chemistry. He completed his PhD at the “Plataforma Solar de Almería”, Spain and the National Atomic Energy Commission, Argentina. He worked for the company “SURSOLAR” developing renwable energy projects in Argentina. He has directed/co-directed several research projects in the solar thermal area. He has more than 20 international scientific publications and is the author/co-author of 6 books related to solar energy. He was an adjoint professor at UTN and associate at UNSAM. He has been jury and director of several master's and PhD thesis. He was a consultant for the PTB (Institute of Technical Physics of Germany), Fundación Bariloche, CEERD (Center for the rational and efficient use of European energy), UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) , UNDP (United Nations Development Program)and advisor to the Undersecretary of Renewable Energies of Argentina in the solar thermal area. He has been secretary of the solar thermal committee of IRAM, Argentina and technical expert of the OAA (Argentine Accreditation Body). He was finalist in several solar thermal innovation contests. He is currently president of Solarmate SA, a company dedicated to the manufacture of portable solar products, the development of services related to solar thermal energy in industries, and training in renewable energies. He also serves as Senior advisor of the Thermosolar Panama project in charge of the SNE of Panama and UNEP, and is a professor of the Diploma in Solar Thermal Energy of the National Technological University of Panamá.
Education & Qualifications
PhD in Solar UV Water treatment and Solar Thermal applications
Publications (Papers, Books, Articles, etc.)
Scientific Journals:
2022 Bragagnolo Julio A., Taretto K. and Navntoft C. Solar Energy in Argentina. Solar, (2), 120-140; https://doi.org/10.3390/solar2020008
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2010 Eunice Ubomba-Jaswaa, Pilar Fernández-Ibáñez, Christian Navntoft, M. Inmaculada Polo-López, Kevin G. McGuigan. “Inactivation efficiency of a 25 Litre Batch Solar Disinfection (SODIS) Reactor Enhanced with a Compound Parabolic Collector (CPC)”. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Volume 85, Issue 8, August 2010, Pages: 1028–1037
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2008 C. Navntoft, E. Ubomba-Jaswa, K.G. McGuigan, P. Fernández-Ibáñez. “Effectiveness of solar disinfection using batch reactors with non-imaging aluminium reflectors under real conditions: Natural well-water and solar light”. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, Volume 93, Issue 3, 11 December 2008, Pages 155-161
2008 Eunice Ubomba-Jaswa, Christian Navntoft, M. Inmaculada Polo-López, Pilar Fernandez-Ibáñez and Kevin G. McGuigan. “Solar disinfection of drinking water (SODIS): an investigation of the effect of UV-A dose on inactivation efficiency”. Photochem. Photobiol. Sci., 2009, DOI: 10.1039/b816593a
2006 C. Navntoft, P. Araujo, M. I. Litter, M. C. Apella, D. Fernández, E. E. Puchulu, M. V. Hidalgo, M. A. Blesa, “Field tests of the solar water detoxification solwater reactor in Los Pereyra,Tucumán, Argentina”, ASME journal of Solar Energy, February 2007, Volume 129, Issue 1, pp. 127-134.
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Language skills
English Fluent (oral and written)
Spanish Fluent (oral and written)
Danish (confident oral and written)
Honors/Awards Received
2017 Sustainable cooking prize, given by APSAL (National Association of Health and Food Profesionals).
2017 National young entrepreneurship 2016 prize, international projection mention, given by CAME (Argentine Chamber of Medium Enterprises).
2016 Local young entrepreneurship 2016 prize, given by local authorities at the municipality of San Martin, Buenos Aires.
2010 Finalist at the contest “Acceso a Energía Limpias” organized by BIDNetwork (www.binetwork.org/136450 )
2006, 2008, 2009 Finalist at the National Innovation Contest “INNOVAR”, with the project “Termo Solar: Thermosun”, a portable wáter heating device ( http://www.innovar.gov.ar )
2009 Finalist at the energy innovation contest “IDEAS” organized by the International Development Bank (www.iadb.org/ideas )