Mr. William Van Wyk

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Profession / Job Title
Global Business Development Advisor
Areas of Expertise
Technical Solar Architecture and Building Integration, Net Zero Energy Buildings & Passive Buildings, Rational Use of Energy and Energy Storage in Buildings, Building Materials & Components, Building Integrated PV, Solar District Heating and Cooling, Photovoltaics Modules & Systems, Photovoltaics Materials, Grid-integrated PV Systems, Renewable Energy Grid Integration, Electricity Storage & Distribution, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Smart Energy Systems, Rural Energy Supply & Distributed Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Acccess, Renewable Energy Financing, Community Power, Solar Cities, Renewable Energy Transportation & Fuels, Renewable Energy Resource Assessment & Climate
Organisational Project Managament, Systems Integration, Education and Training, Marketing and Commercialisation, Research, Media & Public Relations, Organisational Development
Geographic Global
Short Description
Accomplished business leader with expertise in driving revenue growth. Skilled in sales coordination and market analysis. Aligns strategic visions and objectives with corporate goals. MBA, energy transformation, financial modeling and circular economy certifications. Let's work together for measurable results!
Education & Qualifications
MBA, Certified Energy Transformation Expert, Certified Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst, Certified Circular Economy Professional
Language skills