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Areas of Expertise
Technical Solar Collectors and Hybrid Collectors, Thermal Energy Storage, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Rural Energy Supply & Distributed Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Acccess, Solar Cooking and Food Processing, Strategies and Policies, Climate Change, Community Power, Renewable Energy Resource Assessment & Climate, Solar Radiation Availability & Variability
Organisational Project Managament, Education and Training, Marketing and Commercialisation, Research, Organisational Development
Geographic Global
Short Description
Combatting global challenges such as environmental destruction and the burden of disease requires a coordinated and expansive approach. As the sector leader, SCI connects partners; catalyzes action through working groups, advocacy, and financial support; convenes digital and in-person meetings; cultivates relationships with important decision makers; curates knowledge resources; and facilitates communication and collaboration within the sector and beyond to improve best practices, availability of resources, and increase impact.
SCI is the primary knowledge and communications node for the global solar cooking sector. Providing leadership for the solar cooking sector, SCI connects more than 500 organizations and individuals around the world to share their knowledge with each other and with those who have the greatest need to learn about and use this technology. Solar Cookers International works through partnerships, projects, advocacy and outreach to the global solar cooker community to accomplish its mission. By advocating in the United Nations ECOSOC organ, publishing resources, designing and sponsoring global conferences, and maintaining the world’s largest database of solar cooking knowledge (the Solar Cooking Wiki), SCI is uniquely positioned to connect community leaders with experts within the field, provide guidance, follow up to ensure results are achieved, disseminate obtained information globally, advocate, and share the results to amplify the spread of solar cooking globally.
Publications (Papers, Books, Articles, etc.)
"Key Disruptors For The 21st Century" Julie Greene 2016

"Three Million Solar Cookers Worldwide Impacting Over Eleven Million People" Caitlyn Hughes 2016
Honors/Awards Received
•United Nations ECOSOC Consultative Status since 1996• Ashden Award (2002)
• World Renewable Energy Award (2006)
• CLASSY awards Top 5 Nominee in the communicable disease services (2013)
• InterAction Quality Data Award, Top 3 Frontrunner (2015)
• MIT Climate CoLab Finalist (2017)