Mr. Trevor Lee

Profession / Job Title
Exemplary Energy
Areas of Expertise
Technical Solar Architecture and Building Integration, Net Zero Energy Buildings & Passive Buildings, Rational Use of Energy and Energy Storage in Buildings, Solar Heating & Cooling, Solar Domestic Hot Water & Combisystems, Thermal Energy Storage, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Smart Energy Systems, Strategies and Policies, Climate Change, Renewable Energy Financing, Energy Meteorology, Renewable Energy Resource Assessment & Climate, Solar Radiation Availability & Variability
Organisational Research
Geographic Australia & New Zealand, Pacific Region/Oceania
Short Description
Trevor Lee, as Director of Exemplary Energy has developed representative data from Bureau of Meteorology measurements since 1990 based on a cumulative difference algorithm allowing targeted weighting of the individual weather elements to select the most indicative actual January, February etc. to construct a full indicative year. For solar energy applications, a 25% weighting is given to each of Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI) and Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI). The data can be provided in any format.
Visit to check for the Copyright and Methodology, for Weather Element Weightings and for Conditions of Supply.
For detailed information about this approach please refer to the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) conference paper: Lee - paper (PDF - 228k).

Enquiries to or +61 2 6291 3391.
Education & Qualifications
B Arch (hons)
Publications (Papers, Books, Articles, etc.)
Australian Solar Radiation Data Handbook 1995 and its full revision in 2005 for ANZSES

Technical direction for the updating of the Australian Climate Data Bank (ACDB) in 2005-6 for energy simulation applications and for the spatial definition of 69 associated climate zones covering the whole of Australia. He also oversaw the expansion and update of the ACDB to 80 locations in 2008.

2019 - APSRC - Weather Data and Climate Data: Updates and Enhancements

2018 - Lee - The Making of Ersatz Future Meteorological Years: a collaboration with the CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Flagship ( 3.2 Mb PDF )

2015 - Lee - ATA Canberra May 2015 - Real Time Weather Data Applications ( 3.9Mb PDF )

2015 - Lee - ICEM Boulder CO June 2015 - Satellite Estimated Solar cf Ground Based Measurement( 3.3Mb PDF )

2015 - Lee (and Edwards) - Real Time Weather Data Applications ( 3.8Mb PDF )

2011 - IBPSA Building Simulation Conference - Climate Data for Building Optimisation ( 3.6Mb PDF )
Language skills
English (native speaker)