GREia - University of Lleida

Profession / Job Title
Professor - Director of GREA
Areas of Expertise
Technical Solar Architecture and Building Integration, Net Zero Energy Buildings & Passive Buildings, Rational Use of Energy and Energy Storage in Buildings, Building Materials & Components, Advanced HVAC, Solar Heating & Cooling, Solar Domestic Hot Water & Combisystems, Solar Collectors and Hybrid Collectors, Solar Cooling & Air Conditioning, Solar Heat for Industrial & Commercial Applications, Thermal Energy Storage, Renewable Energy Grid Integration, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Climate Change
Organisational Project Managament, Education and Training, Research
Geographic Global
Publications (Papers, Books, Articles, etc.)
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Honors/Awards Received
The head of the research group Luisa F. Cabeza is a full professor at the University of Lleida, where she leads one of the biggest research group on thermal energy storage in the world, GREA (, since 1999. She is active with the International Energy Agency, the RHC European Platform and IPCC where she has participated in some reports. Prof. Cabeza holds an Industrial engineering and a chemical engineering degree, an MBA and a doctorate in industrial engineering from the University Ramon Llull (Barcelona, Spain).
She was awarded an ICREA Academia and Narcís Monturiol (Generalitat de Catalunya) in 2012 where her carrer was recognized.