SWC 2023 Proceedings are Online!

The SWC 23 proceedings have now been published and can be accessed here.

From 30 October to 4 November 2023, the ISES Solar World Congress 2023 (SWC 2023) brought together a global audience of 300 participants from the renewable energy community in New Delhi, India. Under the theme “Moving the world towards 100% renewable energy”, SWC 2023 provided a platform to stakeholders from all segments of the renewable energy landscape, especially researchers, practitioners, government decision makers, and civil society to learn about the latest breakthroughs and trends in solar energy developments and related technologies.

"Overall, the Congress was structured to have technical sessions on carefully selected themes, interspersed with the keynote addresses by the global experts, two specially designed plenary sessions and several invited talks. The list of themes covered quite comprehensively the whole spectrum of elements important for accelerating the dissemination of solar technologies ranging from technology (PV and solar thermal power), solar buildings and neighborhood designs, rural energy supply, circular economy and recycling, system analysis, solar photocatalysis and solar fuel production, and solar resource assessment. Cross-cutting themes like grid integration and sectorcoupling and perspectives for a 100% renewable energy world were also included" - Dr. Ashvini Kumar, Co-Chair SWC 2023 Scientific Committee

The SWC 2023 proceedings offer invaluable insights into solar technology, featuring contributions from leading experts and researchers in the field. As highlighted by the SWC 2023 Congress Chair, Dr. David Renne:

"The scientific community’s response to the global climate challenge and especially the confluence of these events in 2023 is reflected well in these Proceedings. Renewable energy technology costs, especially wind and solar, continue to decrease and are now often the most cost-competitive source of new power generation throughout much of the world.Technological advances leading to these reductions continue to be a major focus of renewable energy researchers within academia, research institutes, and even in private enterprises. These Proceedings provide good examples of the results of research and development efforts around the world that will not only help address the challenges put forth in the COP 28 agreement, but also create healthier environments, economic growth, and energy security in communities that fully adopt these technologies over the long term."


Our main SWC 2023 Partners - the Solar Energy Society of India (SESI), in association with the International Solar Alliance (ISA), Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, and the National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI) are organising an online event to celebrate & promote Sun Energy on Friday, 21 June from 8:30 AM UCT onwards.

SWC 2023 Congress Chair Dr. Dave Renné will participate and give some insights on the publication of the SWC 2023 Proceedings at 9:30 AM UCT.

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