Renewable Energy Focus journal

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Renewable Energy Focus seeks to deliver high-value insights across the energy value chain through integrative, comprehensive, and leading-edge research - covering high impact innovations in renewable energy systems integration; modelling and analysis; policy; and business innovations. At the technology level we publish fundamental and applied research (and insights) on commercially-feasible renewable energy technology development across all vertical technology sectors. See full details on the website:

About the Journal

Renewable Energy is no longer a niche sector of novel technologies, and we have now implemented renewable energy to a scale where it is expected to provide a significant share of global power in the next few decades. This integration has had a significant impact on conventional energy infrastructure, creating a new grand challenge that the energy sector needs to address:

  • How should energy infrastructure and markets evolve as the grid becomes more decarbonised and decentralised, and as greater digitisation comes to the fore;
  • And with this challenge in mind, what pathways (and their associated requirements) will enable renewable energy technologies to co-exist with other assets in a rapidly-decarbonising energy system?

Renewable Energy Focus Journal aims to be a focal point for exploring where these complex forces of decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitisation intersect with the scale up of renewable energy, its related technologies, and market developments.

The journal serves multiple stakeholders, including:
  • Academics and researchers;
  • Engineers;
  • Economists;
  • Technology Manufacturers and companies eveloping renewable energy solutions;
  • NGOs, Associations, Governments and Societies