Renewable Energy Focus journal

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The Journal is focused on delivering high-value insights across the energy value chain through integrative, comprehensive, and leading-edge research, which covers high impact innovations in renewable energy systems integration; modelling and analysis; policy; and business innovations. In addition, the Journal publishes research (and insights) on renewable energy technology development across all vertical sectors from solar to marine energy (see full details on the website:

About the Journal

Renewable Energy is no longer a niche area of novel technologies, and is poised to provide 50% of global power in the next few decades. But as the industry scales up, a number of key barriers remain:
Speeding up the transition to renewable enrgy by advancing the state of knowledge and best practice;
Rapidly disseminating leading insights to stakeholders along the renewable energy value chain - across academia, research & development, and industry.
Renewable Energy Focus Journal plays a unique role in the research community: as a high quality peer-reviewed Journal, and as a one-stop source of content serving multiple stakeholders, including:
  • Academics and researchers;
  • Engineers;
  • Economists;
  • Technology Manufacturers and companies eveloping renewable energy solutions;
  • NGOs, Associations, Governments and Societies