Author:  Peter H. Jensen, Niels I. Meyer, Niels G. Mortensen, Flemming Oster
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Wind Energy Pocket Reference

The Wind Energy Pocket Reference is the second in a series of pocket books to be published by ISES. The first in the series was the Solar Energy Pocket Reference (2005).

The ISES Wind Energy Pocket Reference contains useful information and data for wind energy developers, energy planning authorities, designers, technicians and those generally interested in wind power systems and their potential in energy supply systems.

The pocket book contains data, equations and figures for global distribution of wind energy, wind turbine technologies, turbine energy efficiency, systems considerations, annual energy production under different local conditions, organizational schemes and economy of wind power.

The information is gathered from published literature supplemented by personal information from experts in energy authorities, utilities, universities and other energy research institutions, and from the wind energy industry and different types of wind power producers.

Editor of Series is D. Yogi Goswami.