Author:  Napoleon Enteria, Aliakbar Akbarzadeh
ISBN:  978-1-13800-013-1
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Solar Energy Sciences and Engineering Applications

Solar energy is available all over the world in different intensities. Theoretically, the solar energy available on the surface of the earth is enough to support the energy requirements of the entire planet. However, in reality, progress and development of solar science and technology depends to a large extent on human desires and needs. This is due to the various barriers to overcome and to deal with the economics of practical utilization of solar energy.

This book will introduce the rapid development and progress in the field of solar energy applications for science and technology: the advancement in the field of biological processes & chemical processes; electricity production; mechanical operations & building operations enhanced by solar energy. The volume covers bio-hydrogen production and other biological processes related to solar energy; chemical processes for the production of hydrogen from water and other endothermic processes using solar energy; the development of thermo-electric production through solar energy; the development of solar ponds for electric energy production; the mechanical operation with solar energy; the building operation with solar energy optimization and urban planning. This book is an invaluable resource for scientists who need the scientific and technological knowledge of the wide coverage of solar energy sciences and engineering applications. This will further encourage researchers, scientists, engineers and students to stimulate the use of solar energy as an alternative energy source.  

  • Highlights the importance of solar energy as primary alternative clean energy source for any possible application
  • Shows the latest developments and future trends of solar energy in the modern world
  • With contributions from different experts around the world in the different fields of solar energy
  • Invaluable for readers who need the scientific and technological knowledge of the wide coverage of solar energy


Source: CRC Press